Xcode 7.1.1 improves stability and fixes critical issues in interface Builder,debugging,and UI testing.
Xcode 7.1 includes Swift2.1 and SDKs for iOS 9.1,watchOS 2,tvOS,and OS X 10.11 EI Capitan.
Now you can go beyond the simulator to test your app on an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or Apple Watch – for free. Simply enter your Apple ID into the Accounts preference pane,then attach a device to your Mac using a Lightning cable. You can use the same Apple ID you already use for iCloud, iTunes,or the App Store,or create a new one.Join the Apple Developer Program when you’re ready to distribute or submit your apps to the App Store.
New in Xcode 7.1:
·Support for tvOS including storyboards,unit and UI testing, and playgrounds
·New workflow to add a device for development and testing,select Window > Devices then click the + button
·Storyboard support for 3D Touch gesture
·View debugger presents an improved view of Auto Layout contraints at runtime
·Enhanced XCPlayground API gives playground authors more power
·Swift 2.1 improves interoperability with C code
·Two-factor authentication support when adding an Apple ID account
Xcode 7.1.1提高了稳定性和修复的关键问题在界面生成器,调试,测试和UI。
Xcode 7.1包括iOS 9.1,WatchOS 2,TVOS swift2.1和SDK,和OS X 10.11 EI Capitan。
现在你可以越过模拟器在ipad,iPhone,Apple TV 或Apple Watch上测试应用程序–免费的。只需输入您的苹果身份证到帐户偏好窗格,然后附加一个设备到您的苹果电脑使用一个闪电电缆(Lightning 数据线)。你可以使用相同的Apple ID你已经使用在iCloud,iTunes,或应用程序商店的,或创建一个新的。加入苹果开发者计划当你准备发布或提交你的应用程序的应用程序商店。
新的Xcode 7.1:
·支持tvOS 包括 storyboards,单元和界面测试, and playgrounds
·增强xcplayground API给playgrounds作者更多的权力


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